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For the past 20 years, Ekowatt has been selling various lighting sources in Croatia, Europe and Third world countries.  In the year 2022. we have founded a lighting design office and made a big turn in way of business. Although we are still offering support, service and distribution of various bulb manufacturers, focus of the company are lighting solutions.  


Our design team consists of young enthusiasts that posses multi-year experience in projecting.

Mislav and Goran, the leaders of our team, are willing to offer you advices and lead you through the lighting design from beginning to the project realisation. Some of the tools we are working with are autoCAD, relux, reluxCAD and Dialux.  


  • SITECO – leading manufacaturer of tehnical lighting that is existing for 150 years on German lighting market. Siteco is leading company with inovative technologies in lighting industry and one of the leadting manufacturers of lighting fixtures for various applications (railroads, public areas, schools, offices, shopping malls, etc.) 
  • Sylvania – leadting brand of Felio Sylvania group with headquarters in Hungary is a manufacturer of a wise asortiment of lighting
  • Noxion – distributer and manufacturer of wide assortment of lighting fixtures with its headquarters in Netherlands 
  • EATON – world manufacturer of electronic components, baterry systems, sensors, anti-incendiary lighting and other solutions in area of automatisation 


  • Designing internal lighting for public facilities like schools, kindergartens, health facilities demands careful planning, so that we could insure a standard norm of lighting, saving of electric energy, lower costs of maintaining the fixtures and of course, the overall sadisfaction of the users.



  • We design project solutions for all kinds of public facilities (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc.), railroads, parks, squares and other public facilities. 
  • Lighting design of private residencies.
  • Lighting project design and budgeting using software packages like AutoCAS, reluxCAD and Dialux. 
  • We offer support tied with our solutions in every phase of the design


Public lighting is responsable for around 3% of complete consumption of energy in Croatia. Mostly it owned by local units and its maintanance financing comes from local budget. 

Basic recommendations for more efficient public lighting and dinamical saving are the use of energy efficient lighting sources and the use of energy efficient fixtures. Designing public lighting must be in agreement with the following EU norms: EN13201, UNI10819. 

Public lighting has more functions:

Primarily: to ensure safe travel of people and veichles at night throught city and countryside in public transport areas

Secondary: to highlight the ambience of the space with light, but in such a way that it does not harm traffic safety and does not cause light pollution


How to achieve savings?

  • By choosing closed road lamps, with an enhanced IP-factor. In this way, we reduce the possibility of contamination and water entering the interior of everything
  • By choosing efficient and long-lasting light sources (eg. LED) in order to reduce the number of service intervals and the consumption of electricity.
  • Lighting regulation – dynamic reduction of light intensity of lamps during reduced use, lamps with sensors, connection to IoT


Our mission is to combine the aesthetics and functionality of lighting fixtures with your ideas.

Our vision is smart lighting, energy efficiency, and human-oriented light.

Our values are integrity, trust, quality, and sustainability.


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